THE JOY OF SOY. Tofu as an essential ingredient of food philosophy

„Getting used to meals without a central piece

of animal flesh may take time, but once it has

happened you will have so many interesting

new dishes to choose from that you will

wonder why you ever thought it would be

difficult to do without flesh foods.“ Peter

Singer, in The Ethics of Food  (2002)


The main aim of what is called intercultural philosophy is the “dialogue between

West and East” for mutual understanding of foreign cultures. A central topic of this

philosophical endeavor is most famously connected with the German philosopher

Martin Heidegger and, one generation younger, with French philosopher Michel

Foucault. Facing the “crisis of Western thinking” (Foucault) and of “Western

civilization and its planetary fate” (Heidegger), both of them raised the question

whether “the world could be saved through the wisdom of the East?” Here is more.