How to become a Terran ?

HOW TO BECOME A TERRAN? To answer this question by presenting the gastro-geo-politics of the return to earth, I gave this keynote speech at the Terra Madre Salon del Gusto 2022 on the occasion of the founding of the International Society for Gastronomic Sciences and Studies, initiated by the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences (Pollenzo), in collaboration with the University of Turin, September 23-25, 2022. The Terra Madre Festival called for FOOD REGENER-ACTION in 2022.

Regenerating doesn’t mean rebuilding, but reviving, from trees regrowing lost branches to the regeneration of impoverished soils and the rebirth of mountain communities, the restoration of fresh and saltwater ecosystems and the rethinking of the relationship between cities and the countryside.

The aim of the International Society for Gastronomic Sciences and Studies is to exchange knowledge, to better understand the human dimension of food and to improve food sustainability, sovereignty and justice.